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SunMin SunMin Solar Lanterns Pvt. Ltd. is a small business promoting solar energy lights for the use of the urban poor in Chennai. The promoters include a group of people interested in environmental and social justice issues.

This business is managed by urban poor youth coming from disadvantaged sections of Kottivakam, Indiranagar and Ururkuppam of Chennai. Self-employment for these youth is one of the corner-stones of this effort. At present, seven such youth are being supported by the project.

On the other hand, the venture also rests on supporting urban hawkers in their enterprises with affordable renewable energy sources of lighting.

Rajendra Kumar who manages the enterprise, is right now supporting other disadvantaged groups in cities like Bhopal to set up similar ventures too. In the case of Bhopal, it would be the poor survivors of the Bhopal gas leak disaster who would be taking up self-employment with their solar lanterns’ business.

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